Concrete Installation
Blaha Construction and Development

The DTS Project House has partnered with Blaha Concrete of Valencia, California, to consult on implementation of concrete formwork and concrete installation for the DTS Project House’s considerable, exposed poured in place concrete.

The extensive, exposed poured in place concrete is among the elements that define the DTS Project House’s architectural experience. The Owners and mills studio have made the determination to use its own forces to construct and install the extensive concrete formwork based upon the Formwork Shop Drawings prepared by mills studio. The Owner’s crew will also install the rebar and provide the labor for concrete pours, but it is recognized that specific experience and expertise will also be required.

mills studio determined that an experienced concrete sub-contractor was necessary to consult on concrete construction techniques and to review all in-place formwork to ensure the desired results were achieved. The project would also benefit from consulting with a concrete sub-contractor with logistical experience completing complicated concrete pours, including exposed board formed walls and ceilings, concrete pours on limited access sites, and who makes safety protocols a priority.

The DTS Project House has partnered with Matt Blaha and Blaha Concrete to ensure that the concrete fulfills its significant role in the project’s architecture. Blaha Concrete has proven competency in the areas of concrete experience required to construct the DTS Project House, with a record of satisfying demanding clients, demanding high end builders throughout Southern California, like Minardos Group and Winters-Schram, and demanding architects, like Frederick Fisher and Partners and Tom Kundig.  

Matt Blaha and Blaha Concrete have expressed their commitment to helping the Owners and mills studio achieve their intentions for the DTS Project House with their willingness to engage on the project where the scope of services is rather open ended and will be determined as the construction progresses, and a willingness to provide the Blaha work force as needed. Blaha Concrete’s expertise in the entirety of the construction process, from the logistics of delivering cranes to formwork construction to concrete mix design to street closures to safety protocols with be instrumental in the successful construction of the DTS Project House.    

28376 Constellation Road
Valencia, California 91355
DTS Project Partner