DTS Project House Partners with DMC Technology

The DTS Project House has partnered with DMC Technology of Beverly Hills, California to design and supply products for the KNX portion of its Home Automation control system.

The DTS Project House Owners were exposed to the KNX protocol when they encountered wall mounted keypads manufactured by the Belgium company Basalte. In investigating the source of the Basalte keypads, the Owners learned of the rarely used in America KNX protocol that made it possible to integrate the products of numerous worldwide manufacturers and vendors into an integrated Home Automation system. The ability to integrate numerous different manufacturer’s products was in contrast to most of the current thinking in America of using a single manufacturer’s proprietary products as a control system.    

Further detailed investigation confirmed that the choice of the KNX protocol over control systems like Crestron or Lutron would more closely align with the Owner’s guiding principle for the low voltage design and implementation in the DTS Project House: use systems and products that are non-proprietary conforming to standards that are in the public domain or are widely licensed so that the best products and innovations can be integrated instead of being restricted to one manufacturer’s products and innovations. In this way, the Low Voltage / Home Automation system is future proofed.

Once the decision was made to use the KNX protocol, the Owners and mills studio determined how and who could implement such a system design. Extensive due diligence introduced us to Marc-Antoine Micaelli, the person sent by the KNX Association to the United States to teach courses on how to implement KNX. Marc-Antoine Micaelli’s company DMC Technology is actively completing projects to demonstrate the attributes of KNX and the many products and innovations it supports, especially energy management. DMC Technology’s mission perfectly aligns with the mission of the DTS Project House.

DMC Technology has extensive experience and a close working relationship with the manufacturer Basalte and will provide and program Basalte products installed in the DTS Project House. As part of its mission to make KNX more widely known in the United States, DMC Technology and the Owners are also training Robert Singer Associates, the Lighting Designer, in the use and programming of KNX based lighting control.

The DTS Project House has partnered with Marc-Antoine Micaelli of DMC Technology to carry out their shared mission and to demonstrate what they believe is the future of Home Automation technology: non-proprietary, open standards conforming products that can thus integrate with one another. A system can thus take advantage of an entire worldwide industry’s innovations.

DMC Technology – Beverly Hills, California