DTS Project House Partners with Diamond Spas

The DTS Project House has partnered with Diamond Spas of Frederick, Colorado to fabricate and install a custom designed stainless steel pool and spa with a large scale viewing panel.

The DTS Project House’s initial design was developed with an indoor /outdoor lap pool and spa located on the buildings third level over living space below. The pool was designed not only for swimming and play, but also as a reflecting pool water feature from the main entry and major living spaces. mills studio explored options for the construction of a standard concrete shell and plaster pool and the option of a stainless steel pool and spa. Stainless steel showed itself as the preferred option if this option could meet the project’s economic requirements and could be sufficiently customized.

mills studio conducted extensive research into small scale and large scale stainless steel fabricators, including local Los Angeles fabricators, stainless steel pool fabricators throughout the United States, and European fabricators. Where feasible we made visits to fabricators manufacturing facilities. Vendors were evaluated for their ability to customize their process and products for a very specific installation with tight tolerances; ability to integrate large scale acrylic viewing panel; ability to coordinate delivery to site with limited access; cost of fabrication, delivery, and installation; quality of finished product; and ability to meet the standards of Pool Consultant, Questar Pool and Spas.


Diamond Spas clearly showed itself to be the most capable of achieving the desired custom installation the DTS Project House requires. The Owners and mills studio visited Diamond Spas’ impressive manufacturing facility in Frederick, Colorado (just outside of Denver), to see firsthand their entire process from design to shipping. Diamond Spas offers and specializes in the customization in size and features that the DTS Project House requires and is comfortable working directly with architects and homeowners, and not exclusively with contractors. Our Design Team Member, Shannon Knaub, was able to show us every feature of our proposed design both in production and in a finished product.

Founded in 1996, Diamond Spas also has the experience shipping all over the United States and abroad, and has extensive experience with installations on sites with limited access and restrictive installation parameters. Diamond Spas offers the option of supplying a pre-plumbed equipment package that just needs connection to the vessel once installed or allowing the Owner to supply his own custom equipment package.


Diamond Spas’ attitude toward sustainability also aligns with the DTS Project House goals for sustainability. Stainless steel is a completely recyclable material and Diamond Spas’ vessels are fabricated from 65% to 80% recycled material. Diamond Spas’ recommendation against the use of chlorine in its products is also environmentally friendly and aligns with the Owner’s dislike of how chlorine makes the skin feel. Diamond Spas recommends ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide for sanitation.  

Diamond Spas is working with mills studio in an extensive Shop Drawing process and on site consultation to properly coordinate fabrication, delivery, and on-site installation. The integration of the pool and spa into the third level of the DTS Project House over living space below and into a plan location surrounded by building on three sides and a 5′ x 10′ acrylic viewing panel on the fourth side make it necessary for every fabrication and installation detail to be resolved and documented before the pool and spa show up on site.

Diamond Spas – Frederick, Colorado