The reality of the construction site is that there is not a possibility for perfection. Part of being on a construction site allows you to understand the tolerances of this process. Every part of the assemblies on a job site has built-in tolerances. And as they are assembled, those tolerances compound and create project dimensions that cannot be held to the digital perfection..
~ Nicholas Renard

Time lapse videos

Multiple IP cameras document the DTS Project House construction process in still shots captured at regularly scheduled intervals. These still shots are combined to produce time lapse videos of the construction from multiple vantage points and perspectives. Construction is not a singular moment in time but a process that requires the passage of time. Architecture / construction requires and an immense effort. Effort emanates from the passage of time.  

Some buildings purposely look as if they just appeared and were not constructed. The architecture of the DTS Project House intends to communicate the effort it takes for a building to go from concept to reality, the passage of time. A building should both live up to the effort its creation requires and show the marks of the required human effort. The time lapse videos are a reminder of how the passage of time implies and communicates effort.

One of the aspects of the time lapse videos that best communicates the passage of time is the change of seasons and weather. The visible change of seasons not only makes the passage of time tangible but reminds us of the larger forces that every building must account for. Time lapse videos are one reminder that significant architecture not only accounts for, but embraces the passage of time.    

At the point in time when concrete materials are assembled and erected, the architecture we have been looking for becomes part of the real world.
~ Peter Zumthor