Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts. Buildings are witnesses to the human ability to construct concrete things. I believe that the real core of all architectural work lies in the act of construction.
~ Peter Zumthor


The DTS Project House construction process is thoroughly documented in still photography and video. Many aspects of construction can only be understood as a process that includes the passage of time. Thus, certain aspects of construction are best documented in video. Many short videos are made using phones and cameras. Combining multiple informal videos of a single event shot from multiple perspectives helps show the complexities of the construction process.

Drone videography is used extensively to document major construction processes and milestones. The drone is able to document perspectives from vantage points that only a drone is capable of reaching. This is especially true on the hillside site where even minor changes in elevations provide useful unique angles and view points that expose unforeseen relationships between the building and its context and between the building elements. The drone is also able to capture the differing scales that the DTS Project House is simultaneously experienced, from the scale of the city, the scale of the neighborhood, the scale of the street, the scale of the family, and the scale of the individual. Drones provide the ability to see and record the entirety of the construction and the surrounding context capturing the full scope of the construction effort.   

The truthfulness of materials of constructions, concrete, bricks and stone, shall be maintained in all buildings constructed or to be constructed.
~ Le Corbusier